And thus begins another season.
Living the dream, here in Cooke City.

So, following countless hours of shoveling and chopping, and a handful of ski tours off neighborhood classics like Woody Ridge, Mt. Henderson, and upper Sheep Creek (pow skiing!), I am startled to catch a glimpse of 20 foot flame lengths late one night out my cabin window (three days in, Nov. 30th). Quickly gearing up, adrenaline racing (thinking someone’s cabin is burning to the ground!), I race through the dark, snowy woods, on this wild edge of town. Soon to find out, it’s only the hardcore, local slednecks. Folks I see around often, but without much more than a ‘howdy’ and tip of my cap.
There’re burning large stacks of snowmobile pallets, and crushing a few brews. Nonchalantly.
Needless to say, it began to snow.

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  1. Beau, Just viewed your Dec. archive. You are definitely living a blessed life & that blesses ours too. My deepest thanks for your sharing & caring ways. Catherine