Began the day with a trip up Town Hill.
Lots of ‘beelers currently in Cooke, making waaay too much noise…

so off to the sanctuary (Wilderness) I went.
Here, a mile and a half in, and I can still clearly hear the 2-stroke wine.

Thus deeper I went…

The long awaited Point of View.  A promising first test.


  1. This is totally rad.
    Where was the camera mounted, on your belly?

  2. Dude,

    I love this view, and watching you hands move made me feel like I was actually moving you! Great work my friend...

  3. Oh Yea, that's the best ski run I've ever been on! Your filming technique took me there & reminded me of how to make alpine ski turns. Now I'm inspired to give 'em a try again next time I'm out on my tele skis.

  4. made my 1st trip to Cooke City about a week ago... wish I had found you before! this is a great blog, you should consider linking it to facebook so we can follow your updates easier. hope to cross paths w/ you on future trips!