Ram Pasture Pk.

Larry, en route to Ram Pasture Pk.  Today,  northern Absarokas.


  1. I've never blogged before, so don't know if you're getting my comments - maybe I should just keep to the usual email. Too bad we missed visiting Gabe - next time let's have dinner here. Glad you & hiLarry made it for your b-day meal - looks like you two got in some great skiing. Oh, Jesse & I watched your kindling video after you left - yes it's the small things/details that matter all right! Where does Nick Webb live? Glad to know you resupplied with some greens to go along with all the nut butters you've been devouring - it's important to get well balanced meals as well as all those calories - wouldn't want you to come down with scurvy. Ran into a family of x-country skiers at the bottom of Erma Rd. who were confused about accessing the Bannock Trail, cuz of all the No Trespassing, Private Property signs, so I guided them through that falsifying maze & got them on their happy way (they were gonna give up & head back to the parking lot)- we need to get the FS to put up some decent signage, eh. Ciao, CPL

  2. Hilarious.

    Yeah, Nick Webb lives in Seattle.

    FS signage, wholeheartedly agreed.