back on the horse

Had big east facing plans this morning..
but high clouds at 5am were enough to convince me back to bed…
And once things get leisurely, they tend to sustain themselves.
thus, I ended up sitting around drinking coffee
reading newspapers and eating cinnamon rolls until 9am (!).
Which would normally be relatively ordinary (Cooke City time is akin to ‘island time’).  But with a foot of fresh, light snow and rapidly warming daytime temps… timing is critical.

So, I did the only sane thing, and went WEST… 
Managing to redeem myself, with over 10k' vert.  All super-fun pow turns.

Following a wood sauna last night, it was just what the doctor ordered.


  1. I bet we see more rain than sunshine this summer... again...new rain gear anyone?

  2. You must be planning on a wet spring as well?

    Good for the fish. And the farmers.. (not so good for camping. nor corn skiing)

  3. Actually, the long term (monthly/seasonal) predictions are not that bad. On the "edge" of cooler than normal temp, but after April, normal precip. Check out: