"In any scholarly work about skiing in the Cooke City area, such as this, it would be nothing short of immoral not to extoll the virtues of the Beartooths.  Any ski trip there can't be considered anything less than a pilgrimage."

-an excerpt from Larry Fahlberg's Nine Months of Winter


  1. If you ever have the opportunity, ask Jay Schifferdecker of Silver Gate to check out his copy of Nine Months of Winter (out of print, very rare).

    There's some awesome insight into the Cooke City ski scene 30 years ago. Little has changed!

    (Would be sweet to put together a ski exhibit for the new museum..!!)

  2. Isn't the subtitle "And Three Months of Damn Tough Skiing" ? I love it!

    Enjoy the fresh pow. The Bridgers got over a foot.

  3. What wildernessgirl said. Isn't nine months cutting it a bit short?

  4. Larry Fahlberg was truly a classic, and so is his legacy as recorded in Nine Months!