murder of the impossible

Not as Messner intended, but as an analogy for wrapping your mind around what you first find inconceivable. 

photo of the Patriarch in March of 2007.  
Perhaps THE ski mountaineering route in the Beartooths. ? (on par with the Hossack-MacGowan, for style, as far as I’m concerned).  

I ponder this one often. (and had a laser eye on it two days ago ;)  Looks reasonable in this photo too!  I assure you though, it's all that and then some.

I’m not suggesting anyone rush out and battle dragons, 
but when the time is right it’s reassuring to know that they are out there. 


  1. Having done neither, my opinion is only worth so much but I have walked under and studied the H-M numerous times. Not sure if that is a worthy comparison since the complexity and length of the Hossack is pretty huge. The Patriarch, on the other hand, while looking unbelievable and perfect, looks more straight forward. IMO. But holy crap! What a line.

  2. Hi Brian,

    I questioned my own comparison before writing this. It wasn't intended to be a technical comparison, but primarily just an aesthetic opinion (given that the bar was set high by the party of the first descent. clean. no belays nor down-climbing).