Current Conditions

Well, went 2 for 2 on plowing the driveway the last couple days..
Funny, there was an offering from a bison in the way, figured I would just flip it over the berm,
like when you are mowing the lawn and find some dog shit..
Went to flip it, and found it about as soft as can be (20 minutes old ;).

So conditions, are coming around quite well.  Our last series of storms came in at around 2-6" per day, for about four (just what we like).  But alas, as elsewhere around the region, the SW winds have been blowing fairly sincerly (bad).  And it's warm (which is good.  at least in the long term.)  From the standpoint of getting on some bigger routes, safely.  Sometime soon.  Big ski traverses as well.


  1. Just how warm has it gotten? All aspects/elevations effected? It is fairly tropical here in Utah today..

    1. Probably 40 degrees Fahrenheit in Silver Gate yesterday.

      The southern third of the compass is crusted.
      But the Off Aspects, mid elevation and above, should be fine.
      North is golden.