A watercolor from today.  South of town.
You can't tell, but I am wearing a ball cap, and about to go underground. 


  1. Hi Beau,

    This is Lincoln, I am Ben's friend who came up to work on the cabin this summer. Great stuff here, I have been following since I came down and met you. I have a small suggestion about the blog. I think you should run titles to your blog posts, for the sole reason that in my Google Reader feed, it comes up (title unkown) for every post and there is no telling them apart. You like running minimalist-style so maybe you aren't into it, but it may make it easier for others to deal with. I would love it if you would write more as well in accompaniment to the photos, but that is just my opinion! You have great photos on here and you post quite often which is really the most important part of a succesful blog in my view...I have one too but I don't post often enough....Regardless, thanks for putting all this stuff up to stoke out us lowlanders. I think it's fantastic.

    1. Hi Lincoln,
      Great feedback. Thank you. I often feel like writing more, but for one reason or another, commonly default to a simple photo or two. (giving readers more room for interpretation?) It seems like words tend to be quite subjective, with images leaning more towards the empirical..?
      Anyway, hoping/ planning to share a bunch more video content in the future. Hard to say how that will sort itself out, as many of my thoughts are for the avant-garde..