To dissect the the Fin...

Interesting/ ongoing dialogue with this one.  Science, philosophy, art...  An iconic feature.  I'd call it, the premier powder face in the region.  Mesmerizing.  Skied by two parties over the last three days.  (their tracks are just out of view, in today's photo)  In head scratching style.?   Would it be worth skiing the first four turns on belay?  Then digging a snowpit?  Would that compromise (or enhance?) the style?  Is it worth the commitment?  the risk?  the reward?


  1. Hm.. thought provoking questions. Style-wise, sort of akin to a toprope or sport sport climbing approach as opposed to a ground-up, traditional lead approach perhaps?

  2. With the exceptions of permanently defacing/polluting the environment (ie, Compressor Route on Cerro Torre) or endangering others (trundling), I believe that one's experience in the mountains is his own, and that it doesn't matter what you, or I, or anyone else thinks about it. Unless of course your goal is to impress others (perhaps via a blog) get/maintain sponsorships, or otherwise promote yourself, your style is solely your business. That's the best thing about the mountains...you can do what you want and enjoy pure freedom in a world with increasing rules and regulations. The other side of that is that we also must live with the consequences.

    Everyone's risk tolerance is different, as is their knowledge base and skill set. I see absolutely nothing wrong with erring on the side of safety, even if some dis it as "bad style". As long as we are not effecting or dependent on others, our choices in the mountains are ours alone.