Town Hall meeting tonight

Apparently the Park Service (who historically plows the highway east of Cooke City, beginning in early May) is talking about plowing the road to Pilot Creek as early as March 11th this year..
Should be an interesting get-together, with lots of local color/ adamant ideas.


  1. To Pilot Creek- does that mean earlier auto access to Cooke from the east then?

  2. Yes, that's what it would potentially mean.
    However, the Community Council's consensus seemed to be for a mid April, private contractor plow job.

    1. We've still got some good snow storms ahead and April / May is soon enough. I sure hope that whoever plows 212 this year will keep his plow on the road and leave my front yard alone! He's broken off trees the last three years.
      I sure enjoy your great mountain photos. The mountains sure don't look the same as they do in summer. Would enjoy a line or two in the your comments about where the shots are taken and the areas shown.