Avalanche Warning re-issued

The main gully of Town Hill ran full track last night (on facets at the ground)..
 and Ben's porch roof collapsed.  
But I assure you, the long term forecast is good.


  1. I've been checking out your blog quite a bit in preparing for our trip to Cooke City. I live on the otherside in Big Sky. What do you think about the current advisory? It looks like it's going to keep snowing through the week. Honestly thinking about staying home! Are there any good / safe low angles to ski out there? Thanks! -Russ

    p.s love your photos! Here are some of mine: www.backcountryjourneys.com

    1. Hi Russ!

      Yeah, there are lots of low angle options for good skiing around Cooke City. The current advisory is pretty accurate, but there is so much country (micro climates, landscape diversity ect) you are bound to find an assortment of conditions. Feel free to email me with any specific questions about routes or regions (fredlund at beartoothpowder.com)

      Dig your photography as well.! Great eye for light and composition, and wonderful wildlife shots. Hope to catch you later.