Mt. Republic, looking glorious today.

red wine and white gas

Town Hill is corn (the Fin was in), some folks dug an elaborate system of snow caves around the Yurt, we picked up an Aeropress (and 6" of snow last night), and there's been a series of tragic avalanches/ accidents around Cooke City this week (2 fatalities, heli evac out of Abundance today..)


  1. Great stuff as per usual Beau, brings me closer to Cooke , even though w all the crap I have going on, it may as well be a million miles from me. The swap went off in a way no one really imagined. We handed out 600 incentive cards the first hour, it was crazy.

    1. Good on ya Dale. re: awesome gear swap/ fundraiser. Look forward to getting out with you this spring! (on dawn patrol if need be :)