Just back to Cooke, following a 2-day trip to Bozeman.  Beartooth Powder Guides went down for a Professional Development Seminar for Avalanche Professionals, hosted by the GNFAC.  Lot's of interesting topics, including Eric's study of the KPST (cross-slope propagation saw test), and Karl's research into the how fractures propagate through slabs.  ie: sometimes through very thin ice crusts, or how disturbing a bit of 4F powder above a slab can result in a fracture arresting..   (Always great to listen to and learn from Karl.  He is a remarkably visionary snow scientist, and as down to earth as they come.)

And of course, there was the obligatory bit of exploring and couloir skiing.  :)

Great to get out with the Vandenbos brothers.  They crush, in good (and unique) style.


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