current conditions

Been a flood of emails recently inquiring about the current snow conditions..  
(photos from today)

I'd call the current conditions:  great.  The snow is 'set up'.  Over-ripe for most mind you, but it's just what we ski mountaineers have ben waiting patiently for all season.  Melt- freeze and supportable on all aspects up to 9,000'.  With sheltered north facing, above 9,500 skiing as cold powder.  The valley bottoms are awesome for long tours at the moment (get out early), with velvet corn reportedly skied on Town Hill today.  

Also, if you are in the market for a new scaled, exploratory set of skis, check out the new Surface Ruess.
(looks to be super light and nimble!)

And in other news, the highway is in tip-top shape for bike riding.   With quiet, shoulder-season auto traffic, now is a great time for a bike tour, and/or a multi-sport ski mission.  :)

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