behind the scenes

note the 2x4 in her backpack

There was a fun climbing pitch from last year, in the video below, that sticks to my memory.  The ice was pretty good in the corner below Kt, pictured above, but with long skis- the overhanging rock on the side was liable to push you off.

The fun part was that I found myself stemming-with my back pushing against the rock, and ice tools and skis out climbers left.  First and only time I've ever done that I think.  This pitch was nice because it was right at that level of an engaging but relatively comfortable solo.  The longer crux was above us, and I wish we'd have gotten out a rope for a belay.!

For some more behind the scenes banter on a couple of these lines from last year, head on over to the link here.


  1. Awesome video and written narrative, Beau. Really enjoyed the focus on patients...much more of that need these days with social media and the like creating a heuristic of it's own.

    Curious, in total, how long do you think you were on that route for? I've eyed that line myself now for a good 10 years, but never was comfortable giving it a go. Great work sending it!

    1. Thanks Smokey. I agree with you there. The influence of social media is a potent heuristic element these days.

      We were probably on the route for about 2.5-3 hrs. With perhaps 45 minutes allocated to anchor building.

      Cool to hear you've been eyeing it for a decade or more. :) A fun one to observe as it changes over the years.