Thank You


Just wanted to thank you all for reading the Cooke City Chronicle this winter. (well over 10,000 views!) I've begun my seasonal migration over to the east side of the Beartooths...  Read:  green grass, flip flops, pretty girls.. giant couloirs in the East Bud.  You get the picture.
So don't plan on any new media here until next winter.

Enjoy the spring monsoon! (skied two feet of fresh today at RLM ;)  
And drop me a line if anyone is keen to collaborate.


murder of the impossible

Not as Messner intended, but as an analogy for wrapping your mind around what you first find inconceivable. 

photo of the Patriarch in March of 2007.  
Perhaps THE ski mountaineering route in the Beartooths. ? (on par with the Hossack-MacGowan, for style, as far as I’m concerned).  

I ponder this one often. (and had a laser eye on it two days ago ;)  Looks reasonable in this photo too!  I assure you though, it's all that and then some.

I’m not suggesting anyone rush out and battle dragons, 
but when the time is right it’s reassuring to know that they are out there. 

Guess what?  It's currently raining! cats and dogs in Cooke City (melting morale).  I think I will probably go skiing anyway though.  Stubborn as a mule.  

Transitions are on the way though...  as I got a good sample yesterday on 'Stone.  An hour and a half of riverside trail running! a soak in the hot spring,  and a fishing clinic from the good doctor...


cinco de Mayo

Ahhh, the Beartooths...

a marvelous ski route on south Villard

followed by margaritas and carne asada elk tacos!

Life is good.

 north Villard.  West Rosebud

and mighty Mount Republic.  with the Tetons looming beyond left

Great to grasp the conditions (energy!) of the Main Divide.
Prioritize projects.  Ponder the potential...


the kit

headed into The Range today.!
for a three day mission (primarily reconnaissance).

and thought I might share a quick run down of my kit:

BD Firstlight tent, mittens/ liners, Voile Insanes, Vertical ST’s, TLT 5 Mtn boots (stock liners ;( no tongues, two Whippets, aluminum/ steel Camp ‘pons, 57 cm Grivel Air Tech Race adze (preferred for this sort of thing over my BD Venom set of the same size), brand new BD Mission 75 ruck (trimmed ;), a Jetboil, first aid kit, Ridgerest pad, Western Mountaineering Kodiac bag, spare pair of socks, Micro Puff jacket, cheap rain shell, Minuteman trousers, silkweight bottoms, a t-shirt, a long sleeve, R1 Hoddy (live in these things), googles, knit cap, wool Buff,  ball cap, sunnies, 1 standard Nalgene, 1 foldable 3 liter Nalgene, 1 Voile shovel blade (no handle, paired with the Grivel), one Louis L'Amour, a GH1 and enough food and fuel to keep me sane.  

No down booties, Scotch whiskey, nor skinny skins (though long debated).

Thus, don’t expect any posts until the end of the week…  Cheers!


Barronette Peak

Skied off the top of spectacular Barronette Peak today.
Lots of wildlife (foxes, wolves!, goats...)
One of those incredibly rich YNP outings, to be long remembered.
Fascinating history as well.