Tracking the Abominable Snowman, with Dr. J.


sleeping HR

(with the last hour and a half:  awake and drinking coffee)

Back in Dec. with Adam Delorme and crew.!

(AD, thanks again for the incredibly generous care package btw :)


Skiing the Lamar

It's easy to get caught up in the steep and deep around Cooke City.
But it's also terrific to explore lower elevation landscape down in YNP.  And it goes without saying, but the Lamar is about as interesting as it gets.  

Kt talked me into an afternoon trip down to the Boiling River (after a big day of vert), so I agreed with the caveat, that we sneak in a ski tour.  

You're almost assured a mixed bag of challenging ski conditions (breakable crust and sagebursh being the norm), but with the abundance of wildlife you'll hardly notice.  

On this particular tour, we were about 2.5 hrs in, and had just crested the ridge, when we spied a herd of bighorn sheep.  The crazy part was that they walked right up to us.! (tail wind) We sat there mesmerized for about 20 minutes.   It was great and quite surreal.  

On the descent, there were so many old elk and bison beds that it felt like we were skiing a broken glacier, or a mogul field.!

Two wolf packs calling the valley home this winter as well.


Went to town for a resupply, and found myself drawn into Mission Creek (for a northern AB Wilderness ski tour).   Mission Creek was the site of the Crow reservation in 1871, before it was moved over to Absarokee.  It's a special place for a number of interesting reasons, so suffice it to say, it's worth checking out.



What an amazing season it's been.!  Stable powder and light winds; a skier's favorite combination.  
Feeling very fortunate with the conditions we've had around Cooke City the last couple months, and figured it worth acknowledging.  

Photo above of Gregg from Adventure Science, taken a couple days ago.  If you're into adventure, science and conservation, check out what they are up to.   :)