(the editor in down in UT for a short stint.. :)   Sounds like Cooke has gone blue for the last few days! 
With an insanely close call on Woody Ridge yesterday.   A skier triggered deep slab avalanche (R3.5-D3)  Safe travels friends!


Joe picked up a pair of Plums.  Freedle got 'lanched.  A large crew of locals went down to fish the 'Stone (how'd you guys do?)  Kt and The Good Doctor went caving.  The sun tried to come out.  
And Barronette is still winning. 


Avalanche Warning re-issued

The main gully of Town Hill ran full track last night (on facets at the ground)..
 and Ben's porch roof collapsed.  
But I assure you, the long term forecast is good.


Moonlight ski of Town Hill last night.  Cooke City Mountain Holiday style (6 wide).
Steven established a new mixed route in the cave , Andrew is now on a Dynafit kit (look out), and Zana has taken to the puzzle..

This morning was bluebird.
But now it's snowing heavily again.


winter in Yellowstone

Skied the Undine Falls route today.  A historical 250' line just outside of Mammoth.
(someone left an old pair of La Sportivas up there.)  

Wild there was a rope tow spinning from 1941-1994.! 

Lots of snow accumulating up in the lower elevations..!  

Snow Water Equivalent

Some are calling it another 'snowpocalypse'.  Powder skiers are rejoicing.  2014 is shaping up to be a big winter.!  Check out this wonderful graphic from our good friends over at the NRCS. via the always-on-point Big Sky Weekly.

(might have to start scoring your rays over at Bearclaw's for some time to come :)


(generally cinnabar occurs as a vein-filling mineral associated with recent volcanic activity and alkaline hot springs. )

Cinnabar was also a town on the Yellowstone River, where the Northern Pacific Railroad ended 140 years ago.  I image early tourists would ride bikes or take horses the remaining 15 miles to Mammoth Hot Springs.  (for a soak in the Boiling River?)


custom stained glass

Another eclectic group currently skiing around the Mt. Zimmer Yurt.  

Check out Kiki's custom stained glass.  And support local artists.!


The neighbor is calling it 'glögg weather'.  

And Barronette is edging out Abiathar.  (just barely though)



a side of ranch

Exceptionally good powder skiing conditions around Cooke City at the moment.  
(hiked 15 thousand feet yesterday)  

Shuttled propane to the WCC today (above).
Also, a funny local story.