time is indifferent

early morning tour up RLM

Well, we had a tragic avalanche fatality up on Mt. Henderson this week.

Then the chinook winds came through- knocking trees down across power lines, stripping windward mountain sides..

Currently the temps have plummeted yet again, with another blizzard ensuing..

With a bright side perhaps being:  the consolidated snowpack down around the Lamar.  (Later in the winter I think we'll be skiing around Specimen Ridge a good bit.  :)

There was also some avalanching observed off the nose of Town Hill.  And another 'beeler was buried under 7 feet of debris near Daisy Pass yesterday,!  but miraculoiusly his partners dug him out quickly, and he was able to ride back to town.

And the Saloon has re-opened for the season.  


these photos are from yesterday.  Since then it has been snowing to beat the band.  
Perhaps an additional 18" in town.  :)


(plant sitting and beacon practice)


12-14" of new snow

Lot's of point release avalanche activity observed out there today.  With some running upwards of 1500' vertical.  The recent cold snap, prior to yesterday's foot of new snow, could be the culprit..
XL surface hoar noted on Feb. 13th

nice Nordic touring!


north wind

Ok, so the backyard snow-board showed about 3 1/2 inches of accumulation this morning.  Interesting thing was that the bottom 1/2 inch was snice.  Which means things began rain-like here in the valley (at 7500').  I'd say that has been the trend with each of the last 3 major snow events around CC; not much snow accumulation in the valley, but a Fair bit! up high.  (observed about 12-18" of well consolidated snow, on a 9,000 northerly aspect last week).  Thus, the editor is optimistic for a good basal snow structure.  :)

(currently 25 below!)


Been catching up on Surf literature/ inspiration lately..  :)
And caught another clinic from The Good Doctor yesterday down on the 'Stone.  Despite steady winds gusting over 30mph, I watched him land about a dozen native cuts in the span of only 1/2 hour!  

The funniest part was after this epic session, the weather really went south, in the form of a driving cold rain.  So he drops me off at my car, and I see him heading back down to the river!


new snow board

Some new additions to the backyard weather station in the works..  :)


NorthSide Custom Skis

Might I suggest taking a moment to learn about NorthSide Skis.  They have been building custom skis over in north Bozeman since 2007, and I can honestly say, they are the finest skis I am aware of.  The kind of craftsmanship and artistry that you'd be happy to hang in your living room, and/ or ski on the most epic lines. Everything from:  the topsheet design, to the flex, to the profile and shape, it's all customizable.  In addition, they are about as local as it gets.  Worth supporting in my opinion, if you are in the market for some new skis.

 I've had the pleasure of riding a pair since late last spring, and must say they are an absolute blast.  With multiple partners observing and commenting about the degree of fun I seem to have while riding them.  (they like to throw buckets :)

photo by Kt Miller


Lao Tzu

Fill your bowl to the brim
and it will spill.
Keep sharpening your knife
and it will blunt.

Muddy water, let stand, becomes clear.