This, that and the other

Jogged the Beaten Path today (box-kite).  6 hrs. car to cached bikes.  from Alpine.
A classic, eating and drinking contest.

here's Impasse Falls.   of the East Rosebud.

And for local news:  last week there was a close encounter with a  grizzly bear.  
While skate boarding at 6am.  ;)

And a couple days before, I darn near rode my bike Right into a bison, pedaling home after work (pitch black), about midnight.

Big soccer match planned for tomorrow.  (7pm?)  Cooke City vs. Silver Gate.  With the gang from Ghana bringing their 'boots'.  Look out.

Also, about wrapped up with a Clarks Fork packrafting piece..  
Great Blue Herons galore.  Keep your eyes peeled later this week.  


season's greetings from Silver Gate

Hope all is well with everyone.

Here are a couple recent video clips..  from around town.
(trying to learn new video editing software)

In other news, I’m super psyched to mention a collaboration with Ben and Beartooth Powder Guides.  Exciting times!  Check out the new site. (much more info to follow).

Also privileged to be working as an Ambassador for Hyperlite Mountain Gear. They are a company out of Maine, making eLegant, light weight rucksacks and shelters.  
custom Cuban fiber kits
Easily the best backpacks on the market.

And last but not least, a Huge shout out to SurfaceCauswell and Joystick for all their continued support.  Incredibly cool future for these companies.
(with the man, Mike Schneider at the helm)

Up next:  we head into the editing studio, with plans of piecing together a slightly coherent run down o KAMCHATKA,   (crazy culture and gargantuan volcanos)


web log summer edition

the plan being, to integrate more video content.

(Mid June summer skiing in the Absaroka Beartooths.)

Expect a stream o montage every couple weeks or so.