Celtics vs. Lakers

Great to see a bunch of locals up on Town Hill today.  (it's officially 'in')  There were at least 7 of us, and the requisite half-dozen dogs.  Classic Cooke City.


photo by Allen Steckmest.   Exploring new routes today in the Park.


Nice evening in the Lamar.  (en-route to Gardiner for a re-supply)
10 below, but worth pulling over for some fresh air, and photos in the fading light.

Six inches of fresh snow in the alpine.  Accompanied by 20 mph winds.. 
(resulting in sensitive soft slabs)


exploring YNP

Cache Creek and SW Amphitheater Mtn. from near the Needle

Brought a mid, a Jet-boil, a couple HMG rucks, a rope, an intervalometer, and a 40 degree below bag, Deep into Yellowstone Park. 

Exceptionally good time exploring.  :)

We were eventually thwarted on skiing through the Eye of the Needle, but now have the complex route dialed and are enthusiastic for a return.


News is someone triggered a monster avalanche on Mt. Henderson today (10' crown).
Apparently they were buried and 'dead', but saved with CPR.!

REad the story here.


'The Friends of the Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center are offering a free 1hr. Basic Avalanche Awareness talk on Saturday, January 18th, at 6pm at the Community Center. During this multi-media presentation (beer drinking contest), folks will study how to recognize avalanche terrain; and discuss how the weather affects the avalanche hazard and the development of the mountain snowpack. Also covered will be decision making skills, basic search and rescue procedures and current local conditions.


The neighbors had a nice pallet fire..
The Level 1 crew is trickling into town. (Bill's developing quite a greenhouse!)
Hawaiian Brian and the Good Doctor are planning to resurrect the ski club.
A fresh kilo of mate´ now adorns our fruit altar.  
And Allen and I went for an exceptionally fun full-moon ski last night (with 60-70 lbs of food apiece).


Beartooth ski traverse

Super psyched on local lines this winter. 

Been thinking about how great it would be to guide a trans-Beartooth ski route or two.  

It's the kind of thing where you wait for the right conditions, then have the trip of a lifetime.

Imaging skiing the Hidden Glacier (pictured above), eating pancakes at the base of Whitetial Peak, or what Impasse Falls of the East Rosebud looks like mid winter.!  

Lot's of potential for new routes if you are into that sort of thing.  :)  But much more than that, a multi-day ski traverse of the Beartooths is an opportunity to experience a truly remarkable landscape in a genuine way.  

Let Bearooth Powder Guides, in partnership with Beartooth Mountain Guides, help make your winter/ spring route from Cooke City to Red Lodge a reality.  The possibilities are endless.  From a 2 day trip down the old Nye mail route (Daisy Pass to Woodbine), to a full fledged expedition along the crest, we are passionate about the potential and more than happy to help.  (guiding, logistics, portering, cooking, route finding, trail breaking, photography.. ect. :)

Feel free to email me at fredlund@beartoothpowder.com with inquiries.


Backcountry Skills Course

Join Beartooth Powder Guides, for our upcoming Backcountry Skills Course, scheduled for Jan. 24-26th.  It's a fully catered 3-day course, designed to help you take your backcountry skiing and avalanche safety to the next level.   Find out more at http://www.beartoothpowder.com/backcountry-skills-course/ 


daily commute

Took two pair of nylon skins, a 280mm lens, a thermos of Miso soup, and a DAS parka into the alpine of Yellowstone Park today.  
(lots of fresh avalanche activity, a herd of bighorn sheep, and a splendid view of the Tetons)


Nat Geo Adventure article

Town Hill is in, the Fin is winded, and Nat Geo Adventure recently ran a short story about the best secret ski towns in North America.

Neighborhood walks, avalanche activity, mellow powder skiing...

tree climbing, hot springs, a new wood stove...

(rough/ recent edit)

pswd:  townhill



northwest flow

SNowy and windy conditions around Cooke City today.  (silly deep the last week)
Thin, natural slab avalanche cycle during the day..  (high hazard)  Ray's Rock ripped, the nose off Town Hill..   No shortage of face shots for Zana and Andrew.

Might have a go at 10,000 feet tomorrow.  :)


travel deliberately

observed a 10 foot avalanche crown in Sheep Creek today,!  among a handful of other recent slides around town..  (travel deliberately :)