Beartooth ski traverse

Super psyched on local lines this winter. 

Been thinking about how great it would be to guide a trans-Beartooth ski route or two.  

It's the kind of thing where you wait for the right conditions, then have the trip of a lifetime.

Imaging skiing the Hidden Glacier (pictured above), eating pancakes at the base of Whitetial Peak, or what Impasse Falls of the East Rosebud looks like mid winter.!  

Lot's of potential for new routes if you are into that sort of thing.  :)  But much more than that, a multi-day ski traverse of the Beartooths is an opportunity to experience a truly remarkable landscape in a genuine way.  

Let Bearooth Powder Guides, in partnership with Beartooth Mountain Guides, help make your winter/ spring route from Cooke City to Red Lodge a reality.  The possibilities are endless.  From a 2 day trip down the old Nye mail route (Daisy Pass to Woodbine), to a full fledged expedition along the crest, we are passionate about the potential and more than happy to help.  (guiding, logistics, portering, cooking, route finding, trail breaking, photography.. ect. :)

Feel free to email me at fredlund@beartoothpowder.com with inquiries.

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