Great powder skiing out there today.  Sunny skies, good stability and an awesome crew once again.

There was also the largest earthquake recorded in the last 34 years in Yellowstone, on Sunday.  Look out.!  And it's April.!


Dug out the old Dana Designs' Astraplane today (portering loads to the WCC)
There might just be a new record for beer drinking being set up there.  :)

Cooke City got another foot in town overnight.  Town Hill is skiing phenomenal.

And we got a fresh kilo of Canarias.  mmmmm!


No tracks on the Fin

Word is:  Dr. J cut fresh grizzly tracks in Pebble Creek yesterday, there's a flock of turkeys living in Silver Gate (don't ask me how they elude the hungry fox population), three bison were poached in Park last week ($10,000 reward), and the Fin has yet to see a set of ski tracks this season... 

And the skiing:  conditions are currently very good.


skiing Barronette

Things aligned for an epic adventure/ route on Barronette Peak yesterday.  :)

Yep, it was a 3-star route for sure.

(keep your eyes peeled for a video piece)


A good friend gave me some nice advice today:  
'there are those that have,
and those that will.'


Yesterday was one of those days where everywhere I looked I was inspired (both photographically and for ski touring/ mountaineering)  Lines, light, landscapes!  ect.  Typical in the high Beartooths!

Plans A and B were a no go, given the gale force winds and blowing snow/ avalanche hazard.  But after a good look around (while retreating), I happend to spy this hidden little gem.  Windward and protected, with boot-top styrofoam/ powder.  :)  It just goes to show that if you put in your time and REally have a good look around, you can almost always find something new (and safe) and interesting to ski.


Mt. Republic, looking glorious today.

red wine and white gas

Town Hill is corn (the Fin was in), some folks dug an elaborate system of snow caves around the Yurt, we picked up an Aeropress (and 6" of snow last night), and there's been a series of tragic avalanches/ accidents around Cooke City this week (2 fatalities, heli evac out of Abundance today..)

current aurora activity


the life and times of a sprocking cat

Longtime homie Wiley Miller spent the month of February based out of Bill's -- skiing powder and dropping cliffs (around Cooke City).
Check out the trailer to the new video series he is working on.   Looks great.!


Had a look at some new routes today (practice in the art of bailing :).

And the Mystic Lake power plant was almost taken out by an avalanche on Saturday.


Back into the Beartooths!  (photo of a Larry Mayer print above)  Von is down from Alaska- with kit packed and ready for the alpine.   As are Chris and Sara!- over from Idaho- skiing deep powder no doubt.  Hog roast planned for later in the week.  There are also plans to go ice fishing with Shannon and Sky. 
(open invite there.  leaning toward Kersey or Round.. and Nordic skiing.  and fish tacos  :) And Oscar will be down on spring break.  Who knows what he has up his sleeve!

photos from yesterday and today.