Town Hall meeting tonight

Apparently the Park Service (who historically plows the highway east of Cooke City, beginning in early May) is talking about plowing the road to Pilot Creek as early as March 11th this year..
Should be an interesting get-together, with lots of local color/ adamant ideas.


today in the AB.

(S, SW facing.  approx.  9,600')

(west facing, approx.  9,000')

Year of the Fin?


A short video from this week..  (plan once again being, to shoot and practice more video content)

A backcountry amplifier.
A convenient place to store your skins (you keep them warm, it's quick and efficient, and they serve as knee pads)
Useful Dynafit binding adjustments.
And a super simple rappel technique (the Dulfersitz).  to follow later.

Audio by: Young MC.


the line between confidence and humility

A good buddy of mine, a wildlife guru and upstanding Cooke City citizen, recently fell through a cornice and rode out a giant avalanche... Very good to hear he is OK!

It got me thinking about that fine line between confidence and humility (as it pertains to avalanches, and regularly skiing high level routes).  How we manage hazards and risk.

One must be confident (ironclad) when decision making, yet very humble in regards to the bigger picture.   Listen closely to the mountains.

(pics from today)


Glögg Party?

Word is:  that my neighbor made some Glögg.  (photos from today in Yellowstone Park..)



support the cause

This Saturday, the Friends of the Gallatin NF Avalanche Center are having their annual hike-a-thon, fundraiser at Bridger Bowl.  (The King and Queen of the Ridge.)  Please consider pledging a donation, and sponsoring the Beartooth Powder Guide team, as we climb for the cause.

With a snap of Mother Nature's fingers..

It's hard to give it justice, but just like that, with a snap of Mother Nature's fingers, the mountains around Cooke City have two feet of new snow.  


Hyperfocal Distance

photo by Howie Garber.  
(ER doctor, conservationist, and incredible photographer)  

One of the many wonderful things about ski guiding, are the opportunities you have to get to know amazing people.  Recent clients Howie and Patti are as cool and interesting as they come.! 
Thanks H & P.

landscapes as biographical

Recently read an interesting quote in George McCormick's new book about how landscapes are autobiographical..   How we look at, perceive and interact with places.. a pivotal part of the story.


I'm going to throw this one in there because:   the school is on a field trip to the museum, and I've been on a dinosaur kick lately.


High Country Shout Out

The High Country Motel is hands down the best place for lodging in Cooke City.
(a lot of folks inquire about that)


(the groundhog did not see his shadow)