On the Mend

Thrilled about the new addition to the front yard.  
An good old Air-Dyne, sheltered by a big spruce tree. :)

Any neighbors reading this, you all are more than welcome to take 'er for a spin. !
Trust me, you'll be psyched you did.  Just be sure to keep a notepad handy for the influx of ideas.

Also, if anyone is interested in some new music, check out:  8tracks.com.
Mixtapes a plenty.  Gotta love new music.


valley snowfall

It snowed well into the valley.  :)  Maybe 4" on the windward side at 7,500'.
Double that up high.  

With The Major reporting 15" of settled fresh over in Canyon village!


Powder Blast

A big thanks to everyone that contributed to the GNFAC fundraiser on Friday night (Dale and Timber Trails, Mammut North America, Beartooth Powder Guides, Jason Thompson Photography, too many great folks to name...)  Thank you everyone.  
Here's to celebrating:  the local mountains, our outstanding community, and traveling safely this winter.


A 3 part series about ski mountaineering in the Greater Yellowstone.
(highlighting human powered-access and emphasizing avalanche awareness :)

Supported by Dynafit, Omnibar, and Mammut.

Edited by Hennie van Jaarsveld.


1952 oil on canvas

'Pilot and Index Peaks'
Isabelle Johnson
1952 Oil on canvas


memory cards

I often save random photos and videos on the memory cards I use.  Above and below are linear montages from one such SD card.  :)  For archival sake.

Under the stipulation:  no pausing.


under the knife - on the mend

The editor had shoulder surgery last week.  :)  

So you'll probably not have a lot of early season mtn. climbing content in here.  

But odd's are there will be a fellow slowly walking circuits around the neighborhood, hunting up a story or two.


2014 Fall Road Closing

photo by Kt Miller

This morning at 8am the Beartooth Pass officially closed for the winter.

With Dunraven closing tomorrow.

And other YNP roads, such as Sylvan Pass, closing November 3rd.

Hope you all are making the most of the weather!

town hill Venison stew

Harvested my first large game animal last week. :)
A nice, large mule deer buck off the flanks of Town Hill.  Quite significant in principle for me.  Though hunting was not practiced in my family growing up, it is something I have grown to respect more and more over the years.  Now to the point where i consider the act sacred.  :)  
So thank you Mother Earth / Greater Yellowstone / Town Hill deer.   Your energy is being put to good use, and is much appreciated.


a Skiff of snow

First day back in Cooke:  open bivy, elk hunt (minus the elk),  grizzly bear encounter.  Tell you about that last one later.


looking for LeRoy Greene

On the lookout for any LeRoy Greene pieces floating around out there.  Specifically East Rosebud landscapes, or Crow Indian portraits.  Let me know the scoop if you have one.  :)