leap year

Scored 10 thousand feet today..

It doesn't happen that often.. but when it does, you can count on good snow.

Granite Pk.- glisse profile

It’s snowing again here in Cooke City…(surprise, surprise).

So rather than post more mellow skiing/ skinning/ recent avalanche photos, 
I figured I’d liven things up a little.

As most of you know, Granite Peak is the highest in the state, and presents a plethora of ski mountaineering potential.  Here’s the classic view of the northeast aspect.  With the Notch Couloir being the most obvious objective.

The S,SE aspect.  (Snowbridge Couloir and company)

The South Notch Couloir.

And the big west aspect. 

Often overlooked, but one I would recommend...



A couple laps into the Park...

and Pilot Creek.

Nice to have a good look around, before the next storm cycle.


snowboarding, sans bindings

Been working on an article for the Big Sky Weekly...

'and that's the deal' -Greg Watson


Been out mapping the local/ recent avalanche history...

(and sneaking in a few of these.  about 7k today ;)

So following the blizzard, and a meter of new snow, 
I've probably observed 25 recent avalanches within 3 miles of town (quite a lot).  
Many of them were relatively shallow (1-3' deep), and ran during the storm.
So they are not as obvious to detect.  See below.

But many of them were monsters.  Like these two observed today (mid elevation westerlies).  
The double barrel on the right looks to be about 6' deep...
All running well over a thousand vert.

A neighbor and 40 year Silver Gate resident mentioned it being the biggest cycle on the 'back hill' in her recollection (at least 5 small slab avalanches).
Also might note that the Town Hill's main gully ran full-track.  With feeling.  
Nearly into some cabins.

Plenty of safe options though.


just like riding a bike

Drew Wagner, fresh up from North Carolina.  on Town Hill today.


Zen in the Art of Archery

Just finished reading Zen in the Art of Archery.  
(here’s the first page)  I’d recommend it.

Also ski toured up Sheep Creek today..

It was funny trying to keep my composure 
with a mob of ‘beelers systematically circling me (no kidding) 
up the valley with high marks and chain saws. 

My hypothesis is that they were simply oblivious to the noise pollution.  
And avalanche hazard.  (or maybe they were Zen masters)



roasting dogs on an eight foot stick

big party in Cooke this weekend...
(today there were some drag-races, including a mid-day bonfire/ dog roast)

nice and quiet elsewhere though.


Ice Cubes in a Car

Sensitive soft slabs out there today (from an easterly wind).
but manageable!  with a little mitigation- cornice kicking.


Speedy Stitcher

Just picked up a new sewing awl !

Which reminds me, if anyone ever needs a shuttle, to facilitate a cross country tour/ traverse,
I would be more than happy to help.  (often the crux)
Silver Gate to Chico?!  (via Monument Pk.)


for all you armchair anglers

Brewer on the the inaugural cover of a new, local fly-fishing mag.

Check it out.  Looks rad.   http://mtflyfishmag.com/


caught up with The Good Doctor today...
spoke of 1000 yr. old whitebark pine, krummhotz, and 'passing the time between fishing'!

amazing to watch him climb up and down the mountain,
with young guns, less than half his age.

also interesting to watch how balanced and efficiently he walks.
just don't let him break trail (he has skinny skis ;) 


because it is there

and you never know until you go.
Got out with the 'powder technician' again today...

Getting ready to rig an airy rappel, we noticed a loose, washing-machine boulder, 
precariously attached to our gendarme of an anchor.
So down she went.!

Unfortunately it washed out our line. With the weather turning simultaneously turbulent.

Salvaged a fine tour though.


green-house effect

Why En P

with the upper left track belonging to a goat...


North Absaroka Wilderness

Trenchtown today.  

Powder days around here tend to start with a good round of lawn mowing (snow-blowing and shoveling).  We have a big driveway, so it takes about an hour and fifteen.

Here's Rick, of the Hoosiers.
 a classic Cooke City scene.


Bart Henderson and Horn Miller.
(pioneers of the Cooke City region during the 1860's and 70's)

And deep powder technician, Ben Zavora.
(pioneering new projects)


S, SE facing Sheep Creek about 9,200'.