The Mount Zimmer Yurt, in progress...


This video chronicles the building of the Woody Creek Cabin in the summer of 2012.

A 2.5 mile walk from downtown Cooke City, Montana, the Woody Creek Cabin is nestled in the forest near the confluence of Woody and Hayden Creek at 8700ft in elevation. The surrounding zone south of Cooke City is compromised of National Forest and Wilderness, and is only a short ski tour/ hike from Yellowstone National Park.

The Woody Creek Cabin was constructed out of standing dead timber from the property and recycled materials. The Cabin is 20’ by 24’ with a sleeping loft and available for nightly rentals for up to 10 people per night. A Sauna House is also in the works and scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2013.

The cabin amenities include:
Full furnishings
Cooking utensils and cookware
Wood burning stove and firewood
Board games
A relaxing atmosphere and amazing views!

Water is provided by melting snow in our specially designed snow melt tanks on the wood burning stove or by the spring creek a couple hundred feet from the cabin.

All you need to bring is food, beverage, sleeping bag and willingness to have a good time!

Beartooth Powder Guides will also be offering guided ski and snowboard tours, in addition to classes on avalanche education, local ecology and more.

For information please visit: www.beartoothpowder.com

Music for the video by: Der Dritte Raum


ice conditions around town:  all the south facing lines are Out, with north facing flows thin and generally In, al la:  the Park Gate and Silver Gate Right (rad).  East Barronette probably being lean and wild.  If I were you and so inclined,  I'd check out the Ice around Abiathar right now (while the approaches are dry..)


Nothing quite like some good old fashioned powder skiing.!
(Wayne's World, Lulu Pass)


Where else in time and place can one jog to the office, down an old Indian trail (the Bannock), with a laptop and camera in the pack, scoping ice climbs along the way?

Case in point; within 24 hrs, I had a bison in my front yard.


back in Cooke

‘the shape of grunge to come’, as they say.

(photo from today)
Fantastic to be back

This is a print on a pillow, that came with my new cabin.

The first thing I did upon arrival.?
Went for a nice, long walk up the mountain!