A rangefinder is a device that measures distance from the observer to a target, for the purposes of surveying, navigation, determining focus in photography, choosing a golf club, or accurately aiming a weapon..



Dancing with the Hippo..

Got stormed out of the alpine this morning, then went down to the desert (Gardiner) for a re-supply.
At one point, while jogging in the Park, I was simultaneously within spear range of both a heard of pronghorns and a bald eagle.  

Furthermore, the fish were stacked up and Feeding on the banks of the 'Stone!  (vacuum style.)
Wished I'd have had my fly rod!  


the east face of Barronette's north peak.  unlikely it's seen a set of ski tracks..

Ski touring today in the Park, I stopped and listened to a wolf howl for about 15 minutes.  A long, drawn-out, moan of a howl.  (reminded me of this Coltrane tune.!)



 love the big molar/ rock horn, half-way down


No matter how many times I climb Mt. Republic, I never tire of the views/ landscape up there.
It's always different, always inspiring.


Throwing Buckets

Dee Are 'throwing buckets', today in the Park.

(Aussie surf lingo)


We still have a couple spots open in our ski mountaineering course.!  Should be a great time.  


the Ebb and Flow of Motivation

wide enough for a set of skis?

Interesting to observe the ebb and flow of motivation, throughout the season, skiing everyday as I do.. for both work and leisure. (motivated right now)

The Bannock Trail is freshly groomed.  In mint condition for skate skiing.

And some 'beelers from Minnesota rode right up on a hibernating bear this weekend. ! (in Hayden Creek).  Wonder what the bear thought of the 2-stroke serenade?!


Unseasonably warm

(from a book I'm reading called the Cowboy and the Cossack)

We've had some wet slabs peel off Town Hill...
Margaritas anyone?  Should be able to get far-out once it re-freezes though.



High Plains Drifter

Skied out to Granite Peak today...

I hadn't been on a big tour in quite some time, so it was both Daunting, and Nice.

I took a 40 meter rope and alpine rack up the SW couloir. (not to the summit)

Cool to ski a new/ interesting/ remote line,
but what I really appreciate is the perspective/ piece of mind one absorbs from a big tour.

there was a hog roast

There was a hog roast in Cooke City this weekend.. a coyote (or fox) on the Fin, and a written report that the local mountain lion has been stalking skiers...  And it's warm.


video editing. by bus.

Caught the bus on down to Hebgen this week.  REally appreciate good public transportation.  FYI the Karst Stage/ Link Express is a fantastic resource.  More or less free rides between Bozeman and Big Sky (8 times a day!).  So yeah, resupplied and ready:  for the home stretch/ to head into the alpine.


..and the Scandinavians.

We've had two groups of Scandinavians in this town this week.  
Good company.  Skål.!

(pictures from today in the Park)


Glacier Peak

You can't quite tell from this photo, but conditions were terrific out there today..


Town Hill vs. City Hill

So far we have 1 vote for Town Hill, and 2 for City Hill..

and some new photo editing software (Adobe Lightroom)