Trail condition report

The snow line is hovering around 9,000 in the shady drainages.. partially frozen lakes, and slow fishing above. (though they'll be hungry!)
Mostly continuous snow on the Beaten Path trail between Russell Lake and Twin Outlets Lake.  Supportable snow and relatively good travel though.  Of special note is the bridge right below Russell, which is currently a ford and approaching impassable/ dangerous with rising stream flows..

For a full disclosure:  the editor is living and working over in Alpine this summer (on the eastern side of the Beartooths) hence the lack of web log posting..

However, I can report that the skiing up off the Beartooth Pass is holding in there, and should still be reasonable/ awesome through July.

Furthermore, if anyone out there in local cyberspace, is looking for help with a shuttle amongst the regional landscape (ie:  backpacking or trail running the Beaten Path, Sundance Pass ect.) drop me a line and I'll be psyched to help.  Collaboration is key.

Sunday's angle courtesy of Kt Miller