population quadrupeled

A few hundred beelers in town at the moment..  all seemingly with souped up machines.
We picked up another 4" of light density new snow this morning.  Someone triggered an avalanche on Town Hill (main gully).  Yet to see the  Fin rip..  (photo from today).  Chad and Julie are having a chilly cook-off, and Sean and 'Lissa are due in via snowbike.  Oh, and there's talk of a big New Year's Eve party at the Woody Creek Cabin.  Among the icebergs of info.




Currently snowing cats and dogs.   Another big avalanche cycle in action..

Skied Town Hill-direct for the first time this morning..  :)

(a week ago)


ski touring in Yellowstone Park has been dynamite lately.


Had the pleasure of ski touring with a couple upstanding gentlemen from Helena this weekend.
(thanks fellas!)

Right now is an ideal time hire a ski guide from Beartooth Powder Guides
as riding conditions are wonderful, but the snow stability/ avalanche hazard is very challenging.  

Let us put our local knowledge to use, and show you a great time in the hills.

Also, check out Dan McArdle's woodcarvings.  (really dig his work!)


snowcat/ groomer sinks into Round Lake!

Word is the groomer broke through the ice and sank into Round Lake!  

And the sun came out.  (and the wind blew)


Upper Yellowstone Snowmobile Club potluck/ meeting last night...  (Busch Light's galore)
Trail grooming is scheduled to begin this weekend.  And there are plans to have a dog roast at the Round Lake Cabin sometime soon.


Planning a series of rough video mixtapes..

unfiltered.  boot leg.  hand- held. 

pswd:  cookecity


2 of about 20 natural slab avalanches I observed today..  (most all aspects and elevations)


view from 20' up in a Whitebark Pine 

Be careful out there, as things are hair trigger at the moment...  18" in the valley, twice that up high, and currently snowing to beat the band.   WIDEspread natural avalanche cycle in the works.