Ice Cream Eating Contest

Still over on the east side.. so I can't quite give a thorough run-down, regarding the goings on about town..
But what I can say is:  that the Oregon grapes are going off (been making jam), we had another round of the good ol' white stuff the last two days- cloaking Mt. Inabnit, the FS cavalry has been called in to repair a washout up near Rimrock, Sebastian was reported to have gone for a speed record on the Beaten Path yesterday (FKT?),  lower Russell Creek is a gargantuan mud bog, and Sue and John continue to hold down the fort.

Continuing, the upper Clark's Fork was found to be an insanely clear aqua-marine (ie. fly-fishing utopia) following last weekend's snowstorm- which left me scratching my head.  and planning some exploratory action over that way.!  Along with the East Bud, the Clark's Fork takes the cake as this devout appreciator's favorite river.  So if you find yourself just east of Cooke City this fall, get a gander on that truly remarkable stretch of country.


Winter Travel Management Plan

The Forest Service recently proposed a rule regarding how it looks to manage winter travel and Over Snow Vehicles (OHV's), such as snowmobiles.

Consider taking a moment to read the document, and send in your thoughts via comment.  

(perhaps something along the lines of:  how important Forest Service lands are around Cooke City, and that you appreciate pristine winter landscapes, careful management,
 and areas designated as non motorized.  :)