Been out mapping the local/ recent avalanche history...

(and sneaking in a few of these.  about 7k today ;)

So following the blizzard, and a meter of new snow, 
I've probably observed 25 recent avalanches within 3 miles of town (quite a lot).  
Many of them were relatively shallow (1-3' deep), and ran during the storm.
So they are not as obvious to detect.  See below.

But many of them were monsters.  Like these two observed today (mid elevation westerlies).  
The double barrel on the right looks to be about 6' deep...
All running well over a thousand vert.

A neighbor and 40 year Silver Gate resident mentioned it being the biggest cycle on the 'back hill' in her recollection (at least 5 small slab avalanches).
Also might note that the Town Hill's main gully ran full-track.  With feeling.  
Nearly into some cabins.

Plenty of safe options though.


  1. Tex,
    With all the new snow, you taking it easy in the trees on low angle??