Yesterday was one of those days where everywhere I looked I was inspired (both photographically and for ski touring/ mountaineering)  Lines, light, landscapes!  ect.  Typical in the high Beartooths!

Plans A and B were a no go, given the gale force winds and blowing snow/ avalanche hazard.  But after a good look around (while retreating), I happend to spy this hidden little gem.  Windward and protected, with boot-top styrofoam/ powder.  :)  It just goes to show that if you put in your time and REally have a good look around, you can almost always find something new (and safe) and interesting to ski.


  1. I like the looks of plan c..

    Been fun following yer adventures on here, always stoked for more. Have been chatting with Chris and Patty about the next couple of months in cooke, would love to chat with you, too, about spending all spring there. Mind dropping a line sometime? Was fun running into you at yurt earlier!

    1. Right on Mark. It would be fantastic to have you around this spring.
      Will email you this evening. Cheers.