time is indifferent

early morning tour up RLM

Well, we had a tragic avalanche fatality up on Mt. Henderson this week.

Then the chinook winds came through- knocking trees down across power lines, stripping windward mountain sides..

Currently the temps have plummeted yet again, with another blizzard ensuing..

With a bright side perhaps being:  the consolidated snowpack down around the Lamar.  (Later in the winter I think we'll be skiing around Specimen Ridge a good bit.  :)

There was also some avalanching observed off the nose of Town Hill.  And another 'beeler was buried under 7 feet of debris near Daisy Pass yesterday,!  but miraculoiusly his partners dug him out quickly, and he was able to ride back to town.

And the Saloon has re-opened for the season.  

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