Electric Peak

Ever have an idea you just can't seem to avoid?
Like it's inevitable.
Well, yesterday I climbed and skied Electric Peak, the highest of the Gallatin Range.
And despite sound reasoning (like 40 below wind chill !), I just felt like it was something I needed to do.
And as long as I didn't think I'd get avalanched, by golly I was going to give it an honest effort.
It ended up turning out really well.
Fun moderate mixed climbing along the summit ridge, 
with CHARACTER building spindrift (imagine my eyelids freezing shut ;).
Skiing from an ancient volcano, nearly 6000' vert, right on down to the 'Stone was pretty satisfying.
Heaps of wildlife too, as it's prime wintering range for scores of ungulates.
Good laughs spooking up deer, elk and bison while dashing pow turns through the forest.

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