Too much of a good thing?

With Cooke City receiving another 7-8" last night, I was thinking so...

But low and behold, today, the bluebird made an über appreciated, all-day appearance.
It was glorious.  
Almost too good to be true.
Not that I went far (Town Hill ;), but a poignant reminder to be stay on call, with all systems dialed..
in the event of another such stunning day.


  1. Me and my partner would love to rest our ski-weary bones in your birdhouse. We are looking to escape Bozeman for a few days this weekend. 720-470-9372.

  2. Hey Whit,

    Sorry, but the Birdhouse got snatched up...

    If you're feeling ambitious, you could always reconstruct the 'Mother of all Quinzhees'.

  3. what is this Quinzhees you speak of? Won't be making it down. Heading to Hebgen/Quake for some more delicious powder.