As in, how fast you turn your feet over.
skinny skins, long approaches
A quick cadence is important.  Especially on big outings.

Control your metabolism (energy).

Control your breath.  
Don't be afraid to breathe fast.

Endurance will come from enjoyment.
(cause it's fun right!)

And just because you go fast, doesn't mean you can't soak up the views.
(photos from today, en route to Cache Creek)


  1. I had some sustained quick steps, sans skins, over a larger lake yesterday and I was thinking about keeping some glister in the ole kit for under foot traction. Thoughts? Clean up might be a concern.
    A boot upgrade, eh beau?

  2. I prefer 'kicker skins', but I'm pretty sure Wounded Knee keeps some sticky wax in his kit... maybe he'll chime in about clean up.

    It'll be cool when more companies start making WIDE, scaled skis (like Voile next year).

    And yes, new boots (about a dozen days on them so far).