Pebble Creek

Skied off Meridian Pk.  and Wolverine Pk. yesterday.
the former being a first for me (you always remember your first).  
Pretty classic YNP outing… followed fresh coyote tracks for the first mile or so.  Then along behind a lone, ambitious elk- for another hour along the ridgeline.. eventually stirring up some mountain goats about the airy summit (sorry fellas).  A long and luscious pow line followed.  Then an afternoon push for Wolverine Pk… 

A good friend and I were just talking about how cool it would be to write down every animal track you saw throughout the day.  I made the comment about quickly it would become tedious.  And he replied about what that says about our ecosystem.  

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  1. Paw prints for me this week: People, pigeons, and raccoons. Thanks for sharing yours.