get busy living

upper east-facing Republic Creek today

din din?
this is a wolverine hair-snare, in case you are curious

and speaking of good food... was thoroughly spoiled last night at a dinner party.
Enchiladas,  guacamole, more margaritas...  multiple bottles of mouth-watering Malbec.
(one really gains an appreciation for good food and company while wintering in Cooke City)

It also snowed another 16 inches in town overnight (finishing with calm winds and colder temps ;)
Yep.  The St. Patrick's Day stoke has been high.

Sue and John, were lovin' it today in Yellowstone Park
Outstanding to see their progression throughout the day.


  1. does getting busy living = spread sheet jockeying? I think not.

  2. I see fractures aren't propagating at all in the Absaroka these days.