roun the horn

En route to Red Lodge for the week.  Circumnavigating the Absaroka Beartooth.

Super psyched to have gotten the scoop on the wolves I've been tracking around town lately (followed one up Woody Creek yesterday).

Turns out they are the Lamar Pack (9 deep), probably pushed out of their namesake valley by the Molly Pack, which has 18 canines in the clan.

Photo from this morning, five minutes from Silver Gate. 
Fantastic to watch them feast on an elk, and frolic in the Soda Butte steam (sub zero temps ;)


  1. Circumnavigate on skis? very cool. got any advice on anti-chaffing techniques? spandex?

  2. On skis, nein. I wish. Automobile.

    Anti-chafing techniques? I haven't used it before but you could try Bodyglide.
    And liner socks for your feet.

  3. Thanks. Keep up the great work this blog is one of the best!