Wolves on the Bannock

Skied down to Silver Gate this afternoon.  Jay lent me his shop copy of Winter Dance, and 15 minutes later I was skiing back up the Bannock, quickly to realize I had been backtracked by a wolf.! (during those 15 minutes)  Needless to say, my senses were fairly sharp on the return.  A nice adrenaline rush even.

One of the many reasons why I choose to winter around these parts; the WILDlife.

Wonder why they are up so high?  (Aside from the Bannock being THE corridor) A break from battling rival packs down in the Lamar?  Perhaps hunting the cow moose I saw over by the Dude’s place?  Would be interesting to hear Rick and his cohorts’ thoughts on the matter…


  1. I was on the bannock around 8;15 AM yesterday and saw the tracks. It looked like one of the tracks was substantialy larger than the rest. Did you see them? That is the second time I have seen fresh tracks in the last couple weeks, I saw a similar set of tracks a couple weeks ago on the Lulu pass road.