1. We ought to put a name to that ski shouldering technique... I like the Seattle Stash method. Or... when you approach a bootpack and start to wonder how you are going to handle it, you exclaim, "Im going to throw a quick Seattle Shuffle up this badboy." Meaning you are going to shoulder your skis rather than attach them to your pack.

  2. The first time I watched the ice axe stowage clip, I thought you had trundled something off that ridge onto the face below and triggered a slide, hence the clouds. Had to watch it again to see what was really goin' on.
    Good stuff!

  3. webb,
    Yeah, I'm not overly keen on that technique, yet lately I've been using it often. Go figure.
    Would have been a lot cooler to have shown the similar technique, with poles, when rappelling in skis.

  4. I am all about that technique, as you know, but mainly because i feel it has a ninja reference. Although, I like the technique being done in your Jan. 2 post, 3rd photo, yellow shirt. Never seen that one, orientation wise. Same idea really.

    1. Haha. Yeah, that's Doug. I asked him if uses that technique (he has guided a lot for AAI), he replied not. But then tried it (photo ;).