Set a monster avalanche loose on the Fin today. (humbling to say the least)  
It broke about 20' below me.

Still piecing together the puzzle..  
No other avalanche activity observed (since April 9th).

Be careful out there.


  1. Jeezus buddy. Glad you're unscathed. Looks like it stepped down in the middle?

    1. Thanks Nick. There was one other sympathetic slide as well. (on the lower roll-over to lookers right).

  2. long time lurker Beau -thx for all the great stoke.
    spooky! i had a wind slab pop on me (up north in the Scapegoat wilderness)on the 20th - a smaller slope, nothing like the Fin!

    while i was anticipating a small layer of windloading, i was not expecting it to propagate around 150ft.

    regarding the "puzzle" of the slide... what did you determine?

    1. Hi A CC. (lurker, i like that ;) Yeah, it's a long story. (a complex weather pattern of a puzzle) The short of it though, is that we had some atypical NE winds a couple weeks before, and the 'surface snow' in that particular area never fully recovered..