back on the Grid

Yep, back on 'the grid' so to speak.

Upon arrival yesterday, I noticed that:  the coffee shop is now open an hour earlier, Chris and Patty got a new lawnmower, the General Store began business for the summer (providing an alternative to the Exxon for groceries), and there is quite a bit of fresh snow.  12"+ at 10,000'.
Also scored a new route in the north Absarokas.  
(which involved a 3pm departure, a bear, and lots of volcanic spires/ ice flows/ hooting/ hollering).


  1. Im trying to get out there in a week im curious roughly what elevation the snowpack starts on what aspecs if you wanted to elaborate a bit it would be incredibly helpful in my trip planning.

    1. Eric,
      Mostly steady snow above 8,500' ish, in the approach valleys. Lake crossings above 9,500' or so should also be manageable.