Wildlife biologist, Patrick Cross, looks into the unique habitat
and genetics of the high Beartooth fox population.  

I spent a couple days as Pat's research assistant;
snow-tracking, trapping, using radio telemetry, and shooting photos...

This video is a brief glimpse at; the landscape, the science, and an enthusiastic naturalist.  

(the ideas and images expressed here are those of the filmmaker, 
not the University of MT nor the Yellowstone Ecological Research Center, ect.)

Music by Hugh Healow.


  1. Bad ass. A few of Billing's Senior High's finest at work.
    Hope that tortilla baggie wasn't put back into the rotation for wrapping trail fuel.

  2. Hi Beau, I work for YERC and would like to post this video on YERC's homepage, but not without your permission. Please shoot me an email so we can discuss embedding this awesome video email: jay@yellowstoneresearch dot org. Thanks and great video!

  3. Thank you, Beau. Great music and we appreciate your artful approach to Patrick's project. Diane Cross