Tour de Wyoming

Specimen Ridge, known for its abundance of amethyst, opal and petrified wood, separates the the Lamar from the Yellowstone.  It's a glorious, gradual 30km/ 3000', often off-trail, line that leads over Amethyst Mtn.  Yesterday I ran the route (tail wind!) and mashed the 1.5 hr bike shuttle back to Tower (after working until 1, classic Cooke City).  I'd highly recommend the route- brilliance for an elk or antelope.

In other news, there's a prolific herd of bison in the Round Prairie right now.  Over a thousand head.
Sure would be cool to see them migrate up the Soda Butte and through downtown Cooke City (you hear similar stories from back in the day)

Also, check out the sediment flux between the Soda Butte Creek and the Lamar River.!
From 2pm and 6pm yesterday.  Via thunderstorms the evening prior.

(the Soda Butte is on the left, and the Lamar on the right, in both photos)

Furthermore, the Tour de Wyoming pedaled through town yesterday.  (350 cyclists or so)

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