Went up Mt. Black today, with the idea of gathering beta for a potential Mt. Cowan link-up.  
Seems quite reasonable..?  Time and distance wise.  (3.5 hrs CTC for Black)

Pine Creek is getting along well, following last summer's inferno.

Also, had the fine privilege of joining The Good Doctor for another exploratory fishing mission in YNP.  He is crushing it as usual.  (moving like a cat, and fishing like an osprey)


  1. Beau - I have traveresed from Black to Cowan in a 19 hour day about 7 years ago. It is pretty committing, but it was equally awesome. You should be able to go several hours faster. Give a shout if you want my beta.

    1. 19 hours! Big day. (obviously including the bike shuttle ;) Will send you an email re: beta. Cheers.