Skiing the 'Beaten Path'.

Skiing across the Beartooths last week, I was reminded of this great Charles Dickens quote:

'The men who learn endurance, are they who call the world, brother.'  :)

Not that it was overly arduous.  But it definitely turned into a Sundance of sorts, as I was laden down with an extra 25lbs. of food and fuel (for friends doing a story for Backpacker magazine.) And took a detour over to Glacier Peak.  :)

Sounds like the Backpacker crew got the gammut! on thier approach up the Stillwater:  grizzly bears, miles of shin deep  creek sloggin', Glacier Creek with 50 lb. packs...  Keep your eyes peeled for the magazine article!

Granite Peak from the SE.  In my opinion, the cleft- left center, is the premier ski route on the mountain..

Kt was cordial enough to pick me up in Cooke!  
Here she is, skiing off the Beartooth Pass.  Great options everywhere, up there, right now.

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