ski report

It's been snowing in the high mountains around the Greater Yellowstone this last week! and things are smooth, albeit runneled on some of the steep and narrow.  I'm catching a second wind of summer ski stoke myself.!  Upper elevations are excellente:   the Rock Creek Headwall still goes clear to the bottom, Hanging Couloir's entrance is as friendly as I've seen 'er, Gardiner is holding a winning hand, and the Twin Lakes zone is shred central.   However, the mid elevations are trending, and somewhat 'out'.  But 9-10k' zones like Beartooth Butte, west Woody, and east Miller Ridge should still provide superb summer skiing through June.  Just plan on approaching in your tennies, skirting any lakes, and probably fording a creek or two.

Meanwhile the Lowlands of the Soda Butte Valley are reminiscent of Scotland (incredibly lush and green :).  Most of the major volcanic waterways have been blown out, but Dr. J has been on a record run of whitefish (taken on Prince Nymphs a few feet below the surface).  Suzy has been recently appointed by the State of Montana as a Notary Republic, and the High Country put a drum-tight pitch on the local teepee.  In case you are curious about the current status of angling on the Yellowstone, and/ or need some important documents authenticated.

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