Linked up with some good buddies for a video series and some story telling for Nat Geo Adventure this summer --- They were road tripping across western Montana via dirt roads (in association with Toyota). We rendezvoused in Cooke, and were able to track down some nice turns.

If you are interested, here's a link to one of the short stories at the onset of their journey:


(Keep your eyes peeled for Max Lowe's astounding astro photography)

photo by Brody Leven

It seems like only yesterday we were fighting off mosquitos and cramponing up nice névé ...

And now Old Man Winter is back at it ! with our third or fourth good snowstorm of the season.  Down to the valley floors this time, so they say.

Wouldn't mind another half dozen good mtn. snorkel sessions before the summer is all said and done though.  :)

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